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Comprehensive Support for Your F-1 Student Visa Program

We offer a range of services to support your F-1 program. While we find face-to-face interactions to be the most effective, we can delivery any of the below-listed services remotely in order to control costs.

SEVP Inquiries or Reviews
If you are experiencing an Out-of-Cycle Review or any other kind of SEVP scrutiny, our experience and expertise can help you navigate a tumultuous time. We have assisted numerous institutions under varying degrees of government review. Our team is ready to guide you.

Proactive F-1 Review
Wellness checks are good practice in both medicine and F-1 program management. Let us take a representative sample of your files and evaluate how your program is doing. We will pinpoint what your program is already doing well and identify any needed changes. Our written report can help you advocate for the resources you need to bring your program into full compliance and safeguard your international student enrollments.


F-1 Recertification
Recertification happens every two years, yet it seems like any given school is always passing through some phase of the Recertification process. Put our experience to work for you as you work your way through yet another lengthy cycle.


I-17 Updates
Regular, accurate updates to the I-17 are the key to your F-1 program’s overall compliance, yet many schools fail to update their I-17s in a timely manner. Stop compliance problems before they start – let us evaluate your current I-17 and determine whether you are in currently in need of an update.


F-1 Certification (New Program)
Is your school looking to gain F-1 Certification? Do SEVP's application instructions seem like a foreign language? Let us guide you and ensure that your application process completes in the fastest possible time frame.

Customized P/DSO Training

DSO training programs offered by both SEVP and international education professional organizations are general in nature, leaving each school to sort out for themselves how F-1 regulations apply to their specific institutional context. Take the guesswork out of it – let us customize your training to fit your school. This service is particularly powerful when combined with the Proactive F-1 Review service, which allows us to design the training program to address your school’s specific needs.