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Facilitating Development of Compliant, Effective Exchange Programs

Put our extensive J-1 experience to work for your program. Many services can be delivered remotely in order to control costs.

Department of State (DOS) Inquiries or Reviews

If you are facing an On-Site Review or any other kind of DOS scrutiny, our substantial J-1 expertise will allow us to point you in the right direction and develop appropriate and compliant responses to any government queries. We conduct management reviews of trainee and intern programs as currently required by the DOS due by November, 2020. 

Proactive J-1 Review

Our team of experts can evaluate your program in advance of a possible DOS review. We would examine your general program documents/forms and a representative sample of your files in order to assess the current level of compliance and effectiveness of your program. Our report will diagnose any compliance issues, identify best practice concerns, and make recommendations for how the program can improve its practices.  Note: The file review portion must take place on-site due to Subpart A regulatory restrictions on the electronic transmission of DS-2019 forms.

J-1 Redesignation

Previously a perfunctory exercise, J-1 Redesignation is now much more complex and costly. Let us help you ensure it's done correctly the first time.

New Program or New Category Designation

Looking to start a new J-1 program or add a new category to your existing designation? Our expert consultants can guide you through a successful application process and subsequent program implementation.

Customized A/RO Training

DOS only offers a dry handbook as a training tool for program sponsors. Professional organizations offer training that covers a broad range of categories, some of which may be irrelevant to your program. We can create a training written just for your program, specific to both your category designations and the unique character of your exchanges. This service is particularly powerful when combined with the Proactive J-1 Review service, which allows us to design the training program to address your program's specific needs.

Temporary RO/ARO Support

A program can be in a fix when it loses or is adding a program officer and delays in onboarding or agency approval interrupt services to your program's clientele. Additionally, Department of State regulations require programs that experience the departure of the RO or the sole ARO file paperwork to replace that officer within ten calendar days, a time frame that is not realistic in the current job market. We can provide experienced A/ROs to fill vacant roles temporarily while an appropriate job search is conducted for permanent officers.